About Make-A-Thon 2024

Innovation no longer happens on demand. Innovation has become an integral part of business, product, process, service and lifestyle. It is believed that innovation is the change that unlocks new value.

About Make-A-Thon 2024


The primary purpose of Make-A-Thon 2024 is to promote innovation, foster creativity, and encourage collaboration among students with a passion for coding and technology.

Solving Real-World Problems

Solving Real-World Problems

Participants will use their coding skills to address and solve pressing real-world issues in various domains such as healthcare, education, environment, and more. 



Fostering a spirit of teamwork and collaboration by bringing together like-minded individuals with diverse skills.



Encouraging participants to think creatively and develop innovative solutions to complex problems.



Creating a competitive environment that motivates participants to push their limits and deliver their best work.

Who can apply?

Full time students enrolled under UG and PG courses across India.

Challenge statement

Solve Reimagining Flight Status for Airlines. For more details visit here.

Judging Criteria

An eminent jury of Industry experts would judge your projects based on the below mentioned criteria:


  • A college shall nominate maximum of one team from the college.
  • Each team shall comprise a maximum of 2 members.

Important Dates


11th Feb 2024, Students'


Phase 111th Feb 2024​

Open to all India ICT Colleges​ Registration closes on 11th Feb 2024


15th February 2024, 1st BOOTCAMP & ORIENTATION


Phase 2Starts on 15th February 2024​

All registered teams must attend the bootcamp and make-a-thon orientation on 15th February 2024.


18th February, 2024 Deadline to submit their MVP


Phase 3Starts on 18th February 2024​

Teams to create their MVP Applications on Open Weaver Studio for final Make-a-thon challenge.

Teams to complete final Make-a-thon challenge by 18th February 2024. 


21st February 2024​ TOP 5 TEAMS ANNOUNCEMENT


Phase 4 Top 5 teams announcement

Top teams selected by 21st February 2024​

Teams present to the Jury (in person or virtual) (OPTIONAL)​

Winning teams awarded at the India Digital Summit on 27th February 2024.

What’s there for the Winners?

First prize

First Prize


Second prize

Second Prize


Third Prize

Third Prize